I am a carpenter with 15 years experience in the trades.  I pride myself on my eye for detail and design and my consistent track record for completing all of my projects on time and on budget.  I am now accepting jobs of all sizes.  I look forward to working with you.

Do you ever look at a friend or neighbor’s house and think, “I love this.” But you can't quite figure out why.  Or do you think, “How do they keep this place so organized, don’t they have five kids?”  That’s where I come in.  The beauty you find in homes is almost always in the details.  The proportion of well chosen moulding, the seamless integration of built in storage, the precision of the installation, the texture and quality of the finishes all make a difference in the impression that a home provides.  Allow me to provide that je ne sais quoi missing from your home… give me a call, let’s make the neighbors jealous.


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